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How did we do?

It's been a week, and we are still thinking about the CROP Hunger Walk on 11/5/23. The afternoon was beautiful and filled with such great energy. We are so thrilled with this year's results: 66 walkers, who raised over $15,000!

Thank you again to our sponsors. Thank you to everyone who walked and who donated.

And thank you to the following church teams and their captains:

Calabash Covenant Presbyterian (Bonita Legoullon)

Calvary Baptist (Valerie Wilson)

Camp United Methodist (Robin Farmer & Tamy Muns)

Cedar Grove Baptist (Bertha Bell)

New Beginnings Community (Mary Russell)

New Life Church Calabash (Wendy Harris)

Seaside United Methodist (John Curry)

Shallotte Presbyterian (Sarah Cook & BJ Libert)

Shepherd Assembly

Soldier Bay Baptist

St. Brendan Catholic (Cynde Mitchell)

St. James the Fisherman Episcopal (Ruth Ann Campbell & Vera Redin)

St. Luke Lutheran (Becky Overcash)

Village Point United Methodist

Don't forget to check out photos from the day on our Facebook page:

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