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SBIC Thanks Hills Supermarket in Shallotte for Consistent Support of Food Pantry

SBIC recently recognized Hills Supermarket in Shallotte and Jerry Soles, its General Manager, for the store's consistent support of The Lords Food Pantry.

SBIC President Mike Claxton recently visited Hills and presented Mr. Soles with a certificate recognizing Hills' support:

Hills "has consistently supported South Brunswick Interchurch Council (SBIC) and The Lords Food Pantry by providing quality meat at prices that enable the Pantry to provide nutritious food to the food insecure community in South Brunswick County. Hills assists the Pantry in identifying products that allow for the most economical use of Pantry resources and provide a variety that Pantry clients enjoy. The staff is always very helpful and easy to work with... [I]t is a joy to make these purchases." 

Thank you to Hills Supermarket in Shallotte!


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